September 8, 2018

Brand memorability study by Red Havas

by William Turner in News

A study by Red Havas reveals that memorability is the most crucial outcome of a brand campaign and has a direct impact on consumer behaviour – but only after 60 days.

The study examines consumer channel preferences and trust, investigating campaign recall and the impact of memorability on consumer action.

Only 15% of brand campaigns are recalled after 60 days, but campaigns that are remembered after this period have a firm impact on behaviour.

Once a campaign reaches this active recall status, 13% of people are likely to buy a product or service as a result of it, while a quarter (25%) will mention it to family or friends. Reputation is also impacted, with 38% of people likely to think positively about a brand or organisation if they remember a campaign and 8% then following a brand on its social channels.

From the marketing and PR campaigns examined by the focus groups, Havas found memorability did not necessarily follow directly from awareness.

Managing director of Red Havas UK Manchester, Nigel Hughes, explains: “There is a significant gap between being aware of a campaign and remembering it. With so many channels broadcasting, respondents are initially aware of many campaigns, but they don’t remember the messages behind most of them a few days later, which discourages people from engaging or buying from them.

“Memorable campaigns, however, had noticeable positive effects on the focus groups, meaning campaign recall is an objective more brands need to consider in their strategy planning.”

The Red Havas investigation focused on series of brand campaigns across owned and earned channels for up to 60 days and recorded people’s opinions of them, including what actions the campaigns had led people to take.

Red Havas has subsequently built a memorability effect report into its campaign analysis suite.

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Why Memory Matters from Red Havas UK on Vimeo.