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Leading an effective change strategy

By Rachael Sansom, Managing Director

As a leader, managing your company through a period of significant change can be a privilege, and potentially one of the most exciting points of a career. However, it is not without its challenges. Fresh and effective change requires solid infrastructure, a well thought out plan and the ability to adapt, strategise and innovate on a near day-to-day basis. 

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James Wright, Global CEO Red Havas & Global Chairman, Havas PR Global Collective 

When my agency released our annual Red Sky Predictions report at the end of February, I couldn’t know how prescient two of the 2020 predictions would be. We forecast not only that brands would be anchoring themselves in purpose like never before but also that they would be increasingly put in the uncomfortable position of having to articulate their political and social values to their customers.

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Reflecting on my first year on the job

I cannot believe that it will be a year at the end of this month since I graduated from university. At that time, I felt – like most of my peers I assume – that the world was my oyster (not to sound cringey!) and nothing could hold me back from conquering “adulthood” and building a career from scratch.

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Shining a Spotlight on Men’s Health

June marks Men’s Health Month. To acknowledge the occasion, we asked some of our male senior leaders their view on male health (mental and physical) and how we can encourage a conversation around related topics.

As COVID-19 cases surpass 10 million globally, it’s clear that a conversation around health, healthcare and education in this space simply cannot wait.

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How to lead through a crisis: Insights from our Global CEO, James Wright

Corporate, organizational and government leaders have been under enormous pressure this year to find the right words—and actions—to balance optimism with reality at a time when everything seems to be going wrong. Now, leaders are again being called on in unprecedented ways to help employees and consumers navigate the crisis brought on by the death of George Floyd.

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Red Havas Turns One

May marks the one-year anniversary since the official merging of Red Agency and Havas PR globally and therefore the birth of Red Havas. What makes it extra special is it’s also one year since the official launch of our London operation.

To celebrate we organized an afternoon tea to cheers a fantastic first year together. Here are some of our Redsters incREDible “firsts” that we wanted to share:

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Redster Working Mums

We’re celebrating and shedding a spotlight on some Redster working mums, to acknowledge National Maternal Month. They share their insights around bossing it at home and in the workplace:

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