May 28, 2020

Red Havas Turns One

by Aalastair Sibley in News

May marks the one-year anniversary since the official merging of Red Agency and Havas PR globally and therefore the birth of Red Havas. What makes it extra special is it’s also one year since the official launch of our London operation.

To celebrate we organized an afternoon tea to cheers a fantastic first year together. Here are some of our Redsters incREDible “firsts” that we wanted to share:

  • Georgie Christopher, Account Manager: My first time winning and seeing success was at a school spelling bee, with onomatopoeia. Still very proud of that to this day!
  • Shailo Rasanayakam, Integrated Senior Account Manager: My first role overseas came over a year ago when I was given the opportunity to transfer within my company from Australia to the U.K. Scary but worth it!
  • Harriet Stallard, Junior Designer: My first job has taught me to not be (too) afraid to make mistakes. The creative world is about adapting, changing and learning and this will never differ.
  • Claire Newmarch, Senior Account Executive: My first time stepping outside my comfort zone was when I climbed Snowdon with a group of 60 strangers.
  • Richard Clarke, Executive Director: My first travel experience outside of Europe was to Borneo to trek through the world’s oldest rainforest and to see Orangutans in their natural environment. That trip has been hard to beat ever since!
  • Rachel Bie, Account Director: My first entertainment experience was a trip to the cinema, when I went to watch Aladdin and I remember being petrified of Jafar. However, the film must have had a positive impact on me as it was the start of my childhood obsession with Disney.
  • Jion Legaspi, Senior Content Manager: My first culinary experience was eating street food in my native Manila. My absolute favourites are taho (silken tofu with tapioca and syrup), fish balls and chicharron bulaklak (you don’t want to know what this is).
Our Red Havas UK Team