September 23, 2020


by Aalastair Sibley in News

On episode No. 2 of our “Red Sky Fuel for Thought” podcast, we’re giving many Redster voices—from the Philippines to the U.K.—a platform, and invite you once more to listen in.

Here’s what you’ll find in the new episode (LISTEN here):

  • Richard Clarke, executive director of Red Havas London, talks with Kenny Yap, GM of social and PR from Havas in Singapore, during the Trends Brief segment about what he considers to be the key pillars of communication, COVID-era brand campaigns, the economy in Singapore these days, and more.
  • Next, you’ll meet Georgina Thompson, senior account director based in London, as she interviews Charisse Vilchez, business director of Red Havas Philippines and Havas Media Ortega, for The Red Questionnaire segment. In this new segment, we spotlight one person from our industry or network to understand a bit more about what makes them tick. The guest is never the same, but the questions always are.

Each month will bring a new episode that keeps listeners on their toes with formatting, content, insights from experts and, of course, from our own #Redsters around the globe. We hope you’ll join us again in October when we speak with Jeffrey Whitford, who is head of sustainability, social business innovation and life science branding at MilliporeSigma.