March 4, 2021

Social Media & The Pandemic: Ep. 9 of the Red Sky Fuel for Thought Podcast

by Aalastair Sibley in News

Even as we continue to face some harrowing unknowns, the lessons that communicators have learned this past year have shown us that agility and resilience are the insurance we need to press forward. That nothing matters if we don’t have our health—and one another. Even when the closest we can get to one another is to leave heart-eyed emojis on Instagram posts.

Even while many of us stayed home, life went on. Especially across the digital and social media space, we tracked enormous evolutions. We explore these and many others in the new 2021 “Red Sky Predictions” report, which centers on how the pandemic has changed the way marketers and communicators must proceed in our work across industries and disciplines.

We’re closing out the final episode of a three-part series on the predictions with Red Havas’ EVP of Social & Integration Davitha Tiller and Havas Health & You’s Chief Content Officer Lars Bengston. Together, they discuss how the traditional rules of social content creation are losing relevance as a result of so many new and disruptive formats. They also explain how a year of physical isolation is giving way to a new golden age of connection and community for social media.  

Listen to Davs and Lars explain HERE.

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